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Want Long Hair?
If you want long hair and what to give your hair the best chance of growing healthy, thick, long and more manageable you are at the right place.

What Is Original Long Hair Oil?

Want long hair oil™ essential oil is a unique blend of essential oils that nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp, making it longer, stronger and healthier. It is great for the skin and eyebrows as well.

Scientist discovered that peppermint hair oil can help stimulate growth and the castor oil helps stop thinning hair. Both help keep the hair become soft, moist and manageable. Together they also will seal the hair cuticle and therefore prevent breakages and split ends- Which tend to stop you from achieving the hair length you want.

Why Use Our Original Long Hair Oil?

Peppermint oil is amazing for growing and nurturing long hair. It works by sending blood to the scalp and hair roots, nourishing it-the result is beautiful and thick hair. There is a scientific study titled ‘Peppermint Oil Promotes Hair Growth without Toxic Signs‘,  which showed peppermint was able to show a 55% increase in hair growth. And even better was that the group that used the peppermint oil saw an increase in dermal (scalp thickness) thickness of 120%, this was 81% thicker than the other groups.
Is this not amazing?

Then there is castor oil. There are ample studies on castor oil that show its ability to grow long hair. It also helps stop hair loss.  Castor oil works thanks to its high levels of Ricinoleic acid – a study published by J Ethnopharmacol. 2015 Dec 4 showed that high levels of Ricinoleic this will inhibit prostaglandin E2 production which can cause hair to regrow in any balding or thinning areas of your scalp.

Castor oil also has high levels of omega-6 fatty acid. By using castor oil you ensure that your scalp has all the nutrients it needs to grow long and healthy hair.

Castor oil also helps stop itchy scalp, it will add shine and stop breakages and split ends. You can see why it is crucial to have pure amounts in your hair regimen. Finally there is a study on castor oil that shows it can increase the lustre of hair. It was published in the J Cosmet Sci. 2003 Jul-Aug edition.

For peppermint oil to work it has to be of a good quality and it has to be the right concentration in line with the study cited above. Concentration has to be 3% or higher, and this is what you get with our original long hair oil formula.

We tried the peppermint oil out there and the good ones come at $35 a bottle but they also come with preservatives.

Generally we don’t advice that you place stuff on your hair you can’t eat and this is because the scalp absorbs everything you place on it and this includes chemicals. So we give you the purest and best hair oil at a bargain price, stuff so pure it’s worthy to be applied to your skin, hair and eye lashes.

Want thick and long eyebrows?

Well use castor oil and peppermint oil on your eye brows.  It will help it grow thicker, stronger and in time longer. Within 2 weeks you can see new and sprouted hair on your lashes.

And it goes a step further because you can use this same formula for gorgeous looking skin. Thanks to the fatty acids it contains, our long hair oil formula acts as a natural moisturizer which helps you get rid of dry skin. It will also help maintain soft and supple looking skin. It can also help clear and open skin pores so you won’t suffer from stretch marks or acne.

If you were to buy a skin toner, an eye lash stimulator and long hair oil it would cost you over $60 and you are getting a powerful all natural and pure essential oil of the highest purity for just $1 plus shipping. Get your bottle for Free - Just pay shipping.and handling).